Where are classes located?

All lectures and the opening ceremony are held at the Wichita Fire Regional Training Center in Wichita, KS. Hands-On-Training locations vary from class to class and frequently change each year. We post a complete location list in the weeks prior to the event and also during Saturday lectures.

The class I wanted to attend is sold out. What can I do?

We maintain a waitlist in the event that someone cannot attend or we’re able to expand the class to allow for additional students. You can sign up by clicking the link below and selecting the class you wish to attend. If a spot becomes available, we will email you and provide up to 24 hours to respond before moving down the list.

I have purchased a ticket and can’t make it. What can I do?

Unfortunately, we have a no refund policy. In previous years, we had many instances of students withdrawing days to hours before the event. This not only deprived another student the chance to attend but it cost us significant financial resources. You have two possible options: First, you can find someone to take your place and transfer your ticket through Eventbrite. Second, you can notify us that you won’t be able to attend and we’ll open up the spot to someone on the waitlist.

Can I purchase tickets for other members of my department or friends?

Yes! You can attempt to purchase multiple tickets if they are available, however, you must provide the name, contact information and department information of the person who will actually attend that class. Failure to register the ticket using the information of the actual attendee can result in the ticket being invalidated. We only allow tickets to be purchased using duplicate information if the correct info is entered within 24 hours after purchase. If unique information is not entered for the ticket after that time period, it will be invalidated and you risk losing the Eventbrite fees.

Can I borrow SCBA/Turnout Gear/Other Equipment?

Unfortunately for safety, liability and availability reasons, we cannot provide you with loaner equipment. You will need to check the requirements of the class you intend to take and bring all necessary items with you.

Can I take photos, record video or use a helmet camera?

Yes, with one exception. We ask that you do not record lectures unless the instructor has provided express permission to do so ahead of time. You are welcome and even encouraged to take and share media of the event otherwise.