Student Guide

What Do You Need to Know?

If this is your first time or you’re a veteran of the event, this page will help you know exactly what to bring and what to expect while attending HOT.

Pre-Event Checklist

Before you attend, you’ll need to make sure you have your bases covered.


You can purchase your ticket directly through Eventbrite or find a link on our Registration page. Tickets will not be available until sales open. Hands-on tickets sell out very fast, so you should be ready when sales open up. We strongly recommend going right to Eventbrite ahead of time.


If you are attending a Hands-On class, you MUST have a completed Liability Waiver or you will not be allowed to participate. This waiver is completed digitally and can be found below. An authorized member of your organization must confirm and sign-off on your attendance.


You’ll also need a place to stay. We do not have a specific recommendation for lodgings at this time, however, the lectures are held at the Wichita Fire Regional Training Center in Wichita, Kansas. Hands-On classes can be any number of locations and acquired structures are often not finalized until a month or so before the event. Many students choose to stay in the Downtown/Old Town district as a good central location with quick access to any part of the city and nightlife entertainment.


If you are enrolling in a Hands-On-Training class, you will need to bring your gear and other necessary PPE. Make sure to check the Classes page for specific information on what you’ll need to take your class. Only under very unusual circumstances do we have extra SCBA available for students so make sure you have arrangements with your organization ahead of time.

Saturday Lectures


Saturday lectures are held at Wichita Fire Regional Training Center at 4780 E 31st St South in Wichita, KS.
We encourage you to check-in early between 0630 and 0745 hrs. You’ll need either a printed copy of your confirmation email with the check-in barcode OR have the barcode on your phone ready to be scanned. This will ensure we can get attendees signed-in quickly. If you are choosing to skip Saturday and only show up to your Hands-On class, please send an email to the address below with your name and class so we can make sure to check you off.

[email protected]

At 0800 hrs, a featured instructor will provide a keynote speech to start the ceremony along with the presentation of the flag. Each year we try to find a presenter that embodies the best of the fire service and aggressive tactics to get everyone fired up for the event to come.


The lectures are made up of 3 sessions that each run approximately 1.75 hrs. Each session will give you multiple lecture choices. You are free to pick whichever you prefer to attend and move between classes if desired. A schedule will be posted prior to the start of the event so you can plan your day.


HOT is able to offset some of the costs for students with generous donations by our sponsors. We have a vendor area set up where you can purchase t-shirts, fire service equipment or refreshments. We appreciate any support you provide to those that help keep this event funded each year.


Lunch break is from 1150 to 1255 hrs. Each year a sponsor provides all students with lunch at no cost. If you’d like something different, there are plenty of local establishments that serve food nearby. Lectures startup again at 1300 hrs.

Sunday & Hands-On-Training


Its traditional for students to go out Saturday night and enjoy what Wichita has to offer. We ask that if you choose to drink, you do so responsibly. Local law enforcement will not be lenient if you break the law and drive while intoxicated. Also keep in mind that if you’re signed up for Hands-On-Training, it will begin promptly at 0800 hrs. If you do not arrive in time for morning attendance, we cannot give you credit for the class. Be sure to hydrate properly the night before, especially if you consume alcohol.


We acquire numerous locations and structures for our Hands-On classes in an attempt to provide best possible training. Some classes will have a location available immediately, especially if they are hosted at the Wichita Fire Regional Training Center or another nearby training facility. At other times, a location may not be announced until a month or so before the start of the event. Make sure to check back here before the start to verify where your class will be held. We also post locations at Saturday lectures.


Enjoy your training. We hope you get a lot out of it and learn something new to bring back to your department. Wichita HOT is all about improvement. Be safe and be respectful of your brothers and sisters. As with real-world incidents, if you see potential hazards or have concerns, please let the on-scene Safety Officer know so it can be corrected.


Each location will have medical supplies on scene in the event of a medical emergency or injury. Every student is encouraged to train hard but to know their limits. If at any time you have concerns, feel ill or need help, do not keep it to yourself. Let the Safety Officer know so we can address any potential issues immediately. Safety is a priority; we want everyone to go home healthy.


Lunch is provided for at each training location. You will be welcome to seek out food on your own if desired. Bathroom facilities will also be available for all students.



We need your feedback to ensure HOT continues to improve and be successful. Something you hate? Something you love? We appreciate your opinions. We send out after-action surveys but every class will also have a scannable QR code that gives you a direct line to letting us know if you want to see more or less of that content.


Attendees are encouraged to take photos, record video and share the experience with other students of the fire service and us! While you’re welcome to take notes, we just ask that no one video instructor presentations unless they give you permission first.